Amazing User Success Story: The Art of Professional Networking!

At the Caffelona cafeteria, Haryana, Priyadharshini, saw the networking field’s challenges much exciting and fun. Since she had a strong passion and aspiration to work in an IT sector, she enjoyed chatting with like-minded (IT professionals) friends at the cafe so much. While working at the cafe, she had nothing much in her mind except doing what she always wanted to do; being an IT professional.

Once Priya happened to see a Youtube ad that explained the robust prospects of professional networking. That ad was from Radii, an online professional networking platform. That ad triggered and rekindled her. She joined the community, matched, and met Ram Parameshwar, an IT professional, senior mentor, and a networking expert at Accenture.

As their profiles got to match and connect via Radii, they soon met at Priya’s workplace. They started to get to know each other more.

While she continued her part-time job after her education at Maharshi Dayanand University, Haryana, Majoring in physics, Priya realized her deep interest in computer technology and appreciated the employment possibilities.

As their friendship flourished, Ram noted Priya’s keen interest in networking, and he encouraged Priya to study further and helped her to ensure admission to Vikramaditya College Of Education (VCE), Rohtak.

She passed her ‘CompTIA Network+’certifications, which enabled her to consult in the Faridabad area where she grew up, building her work portfolio. All the while, she maintained relationships with Ram and other skilled professionals in networking technology — including her networking instructors. Those important contacts led to more professional work and more opportunities as the years passed.

Priya says: “Radii was a life changer to me. It made me realize and fulfill my deepest desires and aspirations. Also, it helped me to build relationships with professionals in the industry. When I got in officially in the workforce, I got many contacts who already knew me through other people, which was an outstanding fact. Without Radii and my mentor Ram Parameshwar, I would never have had this life of my dream, success, such amazing and powerful contacts. Having Radii in hand, making relationships, and high potential contacts were never hard. Radii would always remain a major ingredient in my career and professional success.

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Lead Generation, Digital Marketing and Web development Blogs

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